Call Recording

Sense Enterprise –┬áThe complete call recording system

Sense Enterprise is a unique call recording system with integrated call management. You can record ISDN 30, ISDN 2, Analogue & IP lines or extensions. The system easily records all inbound & outbound calls as well as providing you with comprehensive call analysis and reports. Recordings are delivered in high quality stereo sound. The system even works on all types of PABX.

Use the Call Management system wallboards to discover exactly what is going on in your business and when you find that interesting call, play it back through the same user interface. A user hierarchy lets you organise who can listen to which calls and the rules based recording means you only record what you need. Multi-site operation means that you can see call activity across sites and replay it centrally, not only that but this fantastic system is fully scalable from two channels upwards.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Detailed Extension / Group Wallboards
  • PCI Compliance
  • Customisable User Hierarchy
  • 100% Call matching
  • Rule Based Recording
  • Optional Voice Firewall
  • Call Answering and Announcing
  • A range of alerts & alarm

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