Telephone Systems

Considering replacing your office telephone system?

Start by thinking about what you currently have and what you actually need. It’s a good idea to think about the future of the business, likelihood of expansion and what you would like from a telephone system. This can help determine how many extensions or internal phone lines and trunks (external phone lines) that you need.

It’s the same for external calls, perhaps you have more than one office or make international calls? Have you ever thought about how many calls you make internally within the office?

Spend some time working out which telephony features will really be of benefit to you. Think about how people in your organisation work, for example at their desks, from home or from a remote location?

Simple changes like routing some calls over an IP network such as the Internet or over the traditional PSTN network can save you money. It’s also useful to get an idea of the existing IT systems as you may be able to leverage your IT infrastructure to save money and add functionality to your phone system.

Finally, don’t forget to take into account your installation and maintenance requirements.

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